Hello there, I am Manaswi Shukla.

I am a design leader with over 17 years of experience designing meaningful experiences and building world-class design organizations.

As a design leader, I seek to drive business impact through the power of design. 

I enjoy working at the intersection of business and users, inspiring teams with bold vision and long-term strategies that align the business goals with the user needs. I love carefully crafting end-end experiences to enable business goals while simplifying people’s lives. 

I had the privilege to lead talented teams at VMware, PrimaryData, Bidgely and Yahoo. I focused on amplifying the role of design beyond the design teams, to create a customer-centric culture. 

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My Design Values.

Design is all about understanding the people involved. Empathize with users, customers and the stakeholder needs.

Design is based on the real world problems. Get to the core of problem before solving it.

Design happens beyond the visible. Design solves underlying system problems.

Design is never done. It is iterative and evolving.

Good design leads to a great story. Good design leads to happy customers and prospering businesses.

My leadership Values.

Customer experience is everyone's responsibility. Build environment where design is a team sport.

Happy teams lead to great outcomes. Build teams that are motivated, safe & have fun.

Trust is the foundation for a great team culture.  Build culture on inclusion, transparency & trust.

Everyone is a potential leader. Always build the leadership for tomorrow and pave the path.

Always expect the best results. Constantly raise the bar and motivate team to achieve it.